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Irrigation Systems Design:

In South Texas, outdoor irrigation systems have become a popular way to maintain a landscape. Proper irrigation techniques, including the proper size and type of irrigation system for the plants and terrain, must be employed to be efficient and economical. You can have a beautiful, healthy garden or lawn without spending hours taking care of it. That’s why we install the hardworking irrigation systems our clients need to enjoy their outdoor oasis.

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Professional Systems

If you are building on or renovating an existing home; adding a new deck, patio or pool; planting new lawn or adding to your current landscape, using certified and trained irrigation professionals can make the difference between a beautiful, hassle-free landscape and a poor functioning system that leaves brown spots, or, even worse, wastes water. 


Irrigation system installers are not equal. Our team is factory trained and certified to install and maintain the most popular residential and commercial irrigation systems like Toro, Hunter, Orbit and Rain Bird. We can provide a free design and estimate so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Installation and Maintenance

Commercial irrigation systems have higher demand and require designs for more rugged use. 107 Landscaping has designed systems for commercial real estate, professional property complexes, and even a professional playing field and its stadium facility. Irrigation system installation is done in stages, starting with excavation for trenches or holes for the piping. The team at 107 Landscaping will work with you to build the perfect layout. Commercial landscaping designs typically also incorporate pump systems, pressure regulating technologies and professional drainage. We will accurately measure the demand and the capacity of your system to provide the perfect sprinkler system combination of efficiency and low maintenance.

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