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Residential Landscaping:

In South Texas, outdoor irrigation systems have become a popular way to maintain a landscape. Proper irrigation techniques, including the proper size and type of irrigation system for the plants and terrain, must be employed to be efficient and economical. You can have a beautiful, healthy garden or lawn without spending hours taking care of it. That’s why we install the hardworking irrigation systems our clients need to enjoy their outdoor oasis.


Complete Landscaping Design

We love to design beautiful landscapes. We'll take your concept and transform it into a reality. The team at 107 Landscaping & Design can design your residential landscape from start to finish or work alongside your architect or landscape designer to create an amazing outdoor living space. We also offer landscaping installation services and maintenance systems for existing landscapes. We provide our customers with the ability to see their plans using actual photos of their home, add the landscaping features and even "age" the photo so we can see the project 5-10 years in the future. Your home is your sanctuary- see the final result before we start.

McAllen Landscaping solutions are just a phone call away. No job is too small. We are experts in South Texas Landscapes and can help in minor upgrades, installing water features, complete lawn or landscape redesigns and all supported by expert support at great prices.

Maintenance Services

For our projects we use native plants that are appropriate for the climate and conditions, incorporate beautiful water features or garden clusters, amazing outdoor lighting systems and seamlessly blend your new landscape into your existing environment.  

Need an irrigation system installed or fixed? Check out our irrigation systems info here. We are certified installers and technicians for Rain Bird, Toro, Hunter & Orbit professional irrigation systems.  

Contact us today to discuss your residential or commercial landscaping needs and we'll help you turn your vision into a beautiful reality.

We offer landscape design, installation, maintenance services for the Brownsville, Harlingen, Weslaco  McAllen and Edinburg area. We are here to provide you with professional landscaping services at affordable prices. Residential Landscaping is our passion. See some of our projects here.

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